Steering Committee

The Steering Committee serves at the primary decision-making body regarding annual plan and budget and ACCEL-wide topics. The committee’s roles include:

  • Leads the overall planning and capacity building process
  • Develops draft plans and reports
  • Guides the work of the Collaborative Action Teams
  • Champions the outreach process

Committee Members

School Vice President of Instruction, College of San Mateo​

Alex Kramer Director of Workforce Development, College of San Mateo
Amy Wooliever Superintendent, La Honda-Pescadero School District
Andrea Vizenor Director of Career & Workforce Program, Skyline College
Anniqua Rana Interim Director, Guided Pathways and Transitions, College of San Mateo
Art Taylor JobTrain Chief Program Office, CBO Representative
Ashley Phillips Director of Career & Workforce Program, College of San Mateo
Eric Saavedra Assistant Director, San Mateo Adult School
Francisca Wentworth Director, Jefferson Adult School
Jennifer Taylor-Mendoza Vice President of Instruction, Skyline College
Jonathan Fu Instructor, Sequoia Adult School
Ka’Ryn Holder-Jackson, Ph.D. Executive Director, ACCEL
Leigh Anne Shaw Professor, ESOL, Skyline College
Lionel DeMaine Director, Sequoia Adult School
Marina Kravtsova Student, San Mateo Adult School
Nadya Sigona Basic Skills Academic Counselor, Cañada College
Patricia Brown ESL Instructor, San Mateo Adult School
Rajan Bechar Director, La Costa Adult School
Richard Baugh Workforce Development Instructor, Jefferson Adult
Seema Prasad ESL Coordinator, South San Francisco Adult School
Stephen Redmond Director, South San Francisco Adult School
Tim Doyle Director, San Mateo Adult School
Vera Jacobson-Lundeberg CTE Program Coordinator, SMCOE